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In case you are unfamiliar, reefer hauling is another term used for refrigerated hauling. This type of shipping is used to move temperature-sensitive products, most commonly food or plants. Each of our reefer trucks has a refrigeration unit in it to ensure that items stay at the temperature in which they were picked up.

Quality reefer hauling is crucial when moving perishable products and today, the nationwide demand is for fresh products. Consumers want products that are as fresh as it gets, no matter where they reside. Consumers in the Northeast want California oranges that taste like they have just been picked. The best way to get fresh produce, personal care items or plants across the country, is in a reefer truck. The constant temperature maintained by the truck ensures products at drop off are as fresh as they were when they left the pick up location.

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Your products with temperature-control the entire way. When moving items like fruits and vegetables, there isn’t time to waste. Produce needs to be picked up and delivered as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of spoiling. Delayed hauling, even in a reefer truck, can be detrimental to the objects being transported.

Reefer hauling also offers additional protection when it comes to the goods that are being shipped. Unlike flatbed hauling, where the products are exposed, reefer trucks are enclosed. These refrigerated trucks protect items from theft, damage and inclement weather. A solid roof and sides comes standard on every reefer truck provided by Stone Mountain Transport. Whether you are shipping a lot of small items or just a few larger items, reefer hauling could be the right choice for your next project.

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Shipping items without being refrigerated or protected can have a very bad outcome. Products can arrive at their destination rotten, damaged or melted. This can result in a very unhappy delivery situation. The person or company that is accepting the items will be disappointed and likely angry. Monetarily, it can end up costing the sender time, money, customers and even future opportunities. It’s just not worth the risk, when in doubt, use reefer hauling.

In addition, companies without experienced drivers for their reefer trucks can put your hauling project at risk. Leaving something behind at pickup, delays during the trip and a rushed unloading can all put your business and reputation at risk. Our dedicated drivers know how important it is to be accurate, timely and courteous, every single haul. We can’t stress enough how important it is to send your products right, and refrigerated, the first time.

Stone Mountain Transport would be more than happy to provide you with a quote for our reefer hauling services. We are proud to offer a dedicated team of drivers to our customers and competitive pricing for nationwide hauling. Contact us to get started via phone or email, we can’t wait to work with you!