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Looking for a more effective, efficient and affordable way to ship consistently? Stone Mountain Transport offers fleet management as one of its most valuable services. Let us take control of your fleet so you can sit back, relax and reap the benefits.

When fleet management takes a backseat to other business functions, it can end up costing money instead of saving, or even making money. Our staff has years of experience managing fleets of all sizes and making sure they are working as best as possible. When fleets work better, they cost less. Costing less means more money can be spent on other projects, investments or expansion. It can also just simply mean more money directly to the bottom line. You can’t go wrong with more money to the bottom line, right?

Our fleet management service starts out by analyzing
the current operation and looking for ways to improve

Stone Mountain Transport has extensive experience in this industry and a knack for spotting common and unique inefficiencies. Whether the problems exist in dispatch, the vehicles or payment systems, we can find them and fix them. Determining where the shortcomings are in an operation allow us to consistently make improvements, which can benefit your entire company as a whole.

Another aspect of our fleet management is maintaining the actual fleet of vehicles. We take on the responsibility of regular maintenance on the trucks as well as any repairs that are necessary to keep them in good condition. When fleet vehicles are properly maintained, they run into fewer problems and need fewer and less expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance can do wonders for your bottom line through our fleet management service.

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Under our fleet management umbrella also falls the drivers of your trucks. Drivers are an integral part of your fleet. Quality drivers can help each haul go better but also help promote your company and increase profits. On the other hand, bad drivers can damage your reputation, upset customers and end up costing the company money. Hiring the right people and training them thoroughly can have major impacts on the success of your hauling projects.

At Stone Mountain Transport we only hire the best of the best. We offer our drivers the best paying loads and support them with a state of the art dispatch system. We give nothing less to our fleet management customers. We recognize that all companies are different and require different fleet management styles. Our team works closely with company management for a smooth transition in coordination. Constant and open communication will help both parties work together to find long term success.

We’d love to supply you with a free quote to review for our fleet management services. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us via phone or email to get started. Once you see the benefits of fleet management by Stone Mountain Transport, you’ll never look back!