If you are looking for reliable, high-quality flatbed hauling, you are in the right place.

At Stone Mountain Transport, we provide our customers with a dependable, affordable hauling service from pick up to drop off and all the way in between.

Flatbed hauling is a complicated type of hauling, and isn’t offered by all trucking companies. This type of hauling requires experienced loaders and drivers as well as comprehensive support from dispatch and administrative teams. Thanks to years of dedication and passion, Stone Mountain Transport is able to offer quality flatbed hauling to its customers.

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Some of the flatbed trucks that we use are Freightliner Cascadiaour trucks attached to a flat platform, which has no sides or roof. Therefore, the objects being transported are not covered by any part of the actual truck, though they can be covered by a tarp, plastic covering, etc.

This type of hauling allows for the secure movement of multiple items that wouldn’t fit inside a standard box truck or tractor trailer. Flatbed hauling is a great solution for moving large pieces of equipment or machinery, large amounts of material used for construction or even shipping containers that are filled with smaller items. Most importantly though, flatbed hauling can be used to transport unique or oddly shaped objects throughout the nation.

Choosing to use a flatbed for your next transportation project comes along with a variety of benefits. First of all, when it comes to loading and unloading, a variety of methods can be used. Companies are not limited to manual labor or a crane, but can use either or both. This makes pick up, loading, drop off and unloading much faster and easier on the customer. It is also much more cost effective.

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Another benefit example, flatbeds are very versatile and provide ample space for their loads. When items are loaded onto a flatbed, they are not simply stacked up or lined in rows. Items on a flatbed can be arranged a variety of ways, chained and strapped down meticulously to guarantee minimal moving during transport. The less items move around during the journey, the lower the chances are of damage.

All too often items are placed inside a tractor trailer with the thought that they will be safe during transport. Unfortunately, during that transport, the items can move around, hit the sides of the truck or even fall off of each other, sometimes resulting in significant damage to products. Flatbed hauling allows loaders to secure items in the most protective ways possible.

At Stone Mountain Transport, our drivers also have the advantage of state of the art dispatch. They are provided with the most precise route information available. This enables them to get from pickup to drop off faster, costing you less time and money as our customer. If you are looking into a flatbed hauling provider, we can be contacted via phone or email to answer any questions or provide you with a free quote. We look forward to serving you!